About us

TNOA video journal is a dream project of Tamilnadu Orthopaedics Association with the thought process of providing a better platform to Teach & Learn fundamental to advanced key concepts of orthopaedics.  TNOA has got nearly 2000 members incorporated with the organization. This video journal is created to provide a better optional platform for viewing surgical videos from youtube.
The effective categorization of orthopaedic departments helps the users by resulting desired videos very quick and time consuming.
India is a large country and we still follow the western methods of various procedures. Over experience we uncover that the procedures have to be done with tweaks and tricks to suit our local needs.
Through this video journals we would like to expose the unique talents of our surgeons to innovate and cost effectively do these procedures. These videos will be unique in using a mix of Indian instruments and local setups to convey the minute details which would improve the clinical outcome of our patients in our locality.
The video journal was actually the dream project theme of our Past President – Dr. R. Muralidharan who has innovated orthopaedic care in rural Tamilnadu over the past three decades. His dream has been carry forward with the next teams who will be making it a nonstop realism for years to come.


  • To hasten the learning curve of a young orthopaedic surgeon.
  • To rejuvenate the newer techniques for seasoned ortho surgeons.
  • To help surgeons to view uncommon surgeries.
  • To facilitate in mastering newer techniques.
  • To be taught and trained clinical skills and techniques from video demonstration of senior orthopaedic surgeons.